The Tao Flow - Music of Life, Loving, and The Way.

These musical snapshots are the sounds of our moments together, connected by the invisible ties of Life. A single singing bowl accompanies creeks, streams, waterfalls and the wind.

Loving hands caress instruments gathered from around the world; acoustic guitar, native and silver flutes, kalimba, piano, rain stick, rattles, and handmade tribal drums.

Soaring electric guitar, electric bass, and trumpet are a feature of the bonus and extended track, Super Luminous.

This music was recorded, mixed and mastered in the restive Appalachian Mountains of Asheville, North Carolina during these eternal moments with you.


Nancy Marie Bertrand ( - Acoustic Guitar, Percussion, Singing Bowl, Silver Flute,

*Michael John Marx, Jr. ( - Kalimba, Percussion, Piano, Rain Stick, Singing Bowl, Spirit Flute, Trumpet

*Richard "Seraphim" Markis ( - Electric Guitar

*Anthony Dorion ( - Electric Bass

Yiota Tsaousi Bertrand - Singing Bowl

Appalachian Night Sounds, Rain Drops, Waterfalls

01 The Bowl Knows

02 Picked by a Waterfall

03 Silver Tongue

04 Grandfather Flute

05 Strange Language

06 Super Luminous *

07 Spirit Walker

08 Playing with a Grand

09 Rain Bowl

10 The Uncarved Blocks

all songs by The Tao Flow except * by The Mystic Ferrymen

Thank You, Love